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This site is primarily a source to help people use their Android devices, whether it's an issue with hardware, software, a particular app, or even rooting. However, we get some other questions that don't fit here.

Yes, someone here might be able to help you, but you'll find that other forums and sites more focused on your topic can give you a much better answer than a bunch of Android geeks. It's likely that your question will be downvoted, closed, and in some cases marked "offensive." It's not that we hate you, it's just that we are trying to maintain the site's focus for maximum usability.

What forums can people go to to ask the questions that are off topic here? (Please list only one forum per answer so votes can bring the best forums to the top.)

Some potential topics might be:

  • shopping recommendations
  • phone hardware comparisons
  • mod support
  • news blogs
  • and so on

Questions about programming issues with Android belong on Stack Overflow. Questions about programming theory regarding Android belong on Programmers.

(Inspired by this post on Meta Stack Overflow.)

This is a good idea. –  Matthew Read Mar 8 '11 at 20:48
A very good idea :) –  Bryan Denny Mar 8 '11 at 21:18

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Our Chatroom

Anything Android related, really.

Assuming the user has enough reputation to join the chat room. –  Stephen Schrauger May 3 '13 at 15:54


Large development community with plenty of space for users and devs alike to talk about anything Android. Sub-forums for specific devices. Beware the trolls!

  • App Development Forums (Development tools, marketing, monetization) This e.g. explicitly includes Issues with the Android Market from the point of view of a developer or publisher and Marketing your Android app, which are off-topic at Android Enthusiasts
  • Android Development and Hacking
  • Several device-specific development areas
IMHO, there should be a second StackExchange community for "XDA-type" issues that transcend a specific phone, but don't cleanly fit into the category of "programming question" appropriate to StackOverflow. XDA's development sections are good, but they tend to be excessively myopic towards specific phones. In many cases, people working on "hardcore" Android have issues that spill across a half-dozen areas (Linux kernel, Linux in general, C/C++, embedded hardware, system administration, and low-level networking, just to name a few), and often find themselves unwelcome in other SE communities. –  Bitbang3r Sep 3 '12 at 17:22
Could you provide an example of Android OS development that wouldn't be welcome on SO? Tweaking ROMs at a higher level than dev should be on-topic here. –  Matthew Read Sep 4 '12 at 14:21
My fantasy is to implement kernel-level support for Graffiti input that samples the touchscreen with clockwork regularity (just like the original Palm's interrupt-driven digitizer did). The current commercial implementation of Graffiti suffers horribly from accuracy problems caused by aggressive CPU governors and Android's general determination to turn everything into a realtime character-by-character AJAX-driven search. I want to be able to kick all of that aside, and forcibly sample the touchscreen with higher temporal accuracy than Android's Java API allows. –  Bitbang3r Sep 4 '12 at 19:34
Other examples: using the headphone jack for GPIO. Using Samsung's USB crossbar-switch to get at the raw UART, JTAG, analog audio, etc. Creating new phantom capacitive switches for the GS3 in the area below the display, but above the menu/home/back buttons/spots (including a left-swipe, right-swipe, and backforth-swipe directly above the home button). Taking direct control of the camera image sensor to sample it in unconventional ways (like rapidly sampling only the Green element of every Nth pixel of every Yth row to watch for sudden brightness, then take rapid pix to photograph lightning). –  Bitbang3r Sep 4 '12 at 19:45
Why are those offtopic for SO? –  Matthew Read Sep 5 '12 at 4:40

Stack Overflow

For programming questions, including ones that just happen to be Android-related.


Reddit's Android Community

Links and discussions for all things Android.

Especially r/AndroidQuestions. –  muntoo Sep 10 '12 at 1:18


Sometimes a little Google-fu is all you need to solve your problem.


Super User

For questions about non-Android technology use. For example, "What's required for a computer to be able to receive video over DLNA from my Android phone?" is really a question about computers, not Android, and should be on SuperUser. If you have a DLNA card and appropriate PC software and can't get your phone to broadcast, however, Android Enthusiasts is a great place to ask a question about that.


Android Developers Forums

List of different groups or forums for discussing development questions.


Android Central

News blog and discussion forums. Here you can:


Help with Android development and plenty of tutorials


Droid Life

Focused on the Droid family, but offers general Android news and information as well. Also reviews of apps and accessories.



News blog and podcast. See news for individual carriers, manufacturers, phones, or apps. Also discussion forums:


Droid Gamers

Android game reviews and news. Discussion forums.


IT Security

One of our very own Stack Exchange sites. It has quite a few questions tagged "android".



Programmers — Stack Exchange is a site for professional programmers who are interested in getting expert answers on conceptual questions about software development. If you have a question about...

  • algorithm and data structure concepts
  • design patterns
  • developer testing
  • development methodologies
  • freelancing and business concerns
  • quality assurance
  • software architecture
  • software engineering
  • software licensing


News, discussion, app finder, phones and accessories store. Discussion forums cover the following areas (among others):


Android Community

News blog, reviews, discussion forums, videos.


User Experience

A Stack Exchange site for issues regarding user experience and interface design. It has quite a few questions tagged "android".


Android tag on Quora

You can ask anything Android related here. Unlike SE sites, subjective questions are welcomed here. Though you'll most likely get opinions, not solutions there.


Android Police

Android news, app reviews, firmware updates, sharing tips, tricks, tutorials, videos and podcasts, device reviews, info about custom ROMs and hacks.


Software Recommendations

This is one of our newer sister-sites, dedicated to software recommendations (aka "Is there an app for X?"). Please read the linked article before posting there to not have your question closed straight away, as it needs to meet certain criteria to be accepted.


Android Arena

News blog.


Android Tapp

App reviews, dev interviews, news.



News Blog, Forums (including device-specific and developer areas), App-Reviews, it even has its own App Center where reviews are linked to the apps, and more.

  • Development: EN | DE
  • Hardware search/shopping recommendations: EN | DE
  • phone tariffs/data plans of different providers: DE

GSM Arena

Android news, Android tech blog, device reviews, device tech specs and pictures, device estimated prices, device comparison, device rankings, device search based on user requested features, rumored devices.



Not a discussion forum per se, the site offers comparisons of different smartphones.

The site scores smartphones based on aggregated reviews, benchmarks, and specs. PhoneRocket also offers some common phone comparisons (Galaxy S4 vs. iPhone 5 and Galaxy S4 vs. HTC One, for example), and the ability to pit any two phones against each other.


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